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  • Mesr Desert Mesr Desert۱۳۹۶/۱۰/۲۰

    Also known as: Kavir-e Mesr, Kalat-e Yousof, Mesr Village Desert

    In Persian language Mesr means Egypt. The country which reminds Iranians about Joseph (The Jewish Prophet) who was living in Egypt. About 100 years ago a village was created in deserts of Isfahan which the founder's name was Joseph (Yousef in Persian), that's why the village and surrounding desert is known as Mesr!
    What you see in Mesr desert are golden sand dunes. Sometimes a camel herd complete the perspective.
    The clear sky of Mesr desert entice astronomers to spend the night watching the profound sky at night. In Mesr village there are local houses you can enjoy them during your excursion.